[Udemy] Lightning Web Component Development

[Udemy] Lightning Web Component Development
Table of Contents



Setup Environment & Getting Started


Lightning Web Component basic Development


JavaScript Fundamentals


Web Component Lifecycle Hooks & Compositions


Communication using events


Working with Salesforce Data


Navigation Service & Other Features


Testing Lightning Web Components


Beer Explorer Project

About this course

A step by step guide to be a Lightning Champion in no time. Concept to implementation


  • Basic Understanding of SOQL(Salesforce Object Query Language)
  • Basic understanding of Apex Development
  • Basic Understanding of JavaScript & HTML5 Web Statdards


Lightning Web Component is a new methodology to develop Salesforce Lightning Components. This course is designed to help you understand three basic things:

  • What are Lightning Web Components?
  • Why Salesforce has introduced Lightning web component?
  • How can you develop Lightning web components?
  • What are all the best practices to develop the lightning web components?
  • What are various patterns anti patterns to develop the lightning component?
  • How to use Lightning Web Component in various places?

In this course, we will mainly focus on the Lightning Web Component Development where we will be providing the examples in each section which we prefer as mini project so that you can be master of the Lightning web component.

As we know that LWC is the new concept and still new to the market and this course will make you the master of the Salesforce Web Components and make you a valuable salesforce gem which will give you the boost to your career.

If you are thinking that you are ground level in web component or salesforce then no need to worry I am here to help you which will make you master of lightning web component.

Who this course is for:

  • All Salesforce Developers
  • Experienced Salesforce Admins
  • Salesforce UI & Salesforce UX developer
  • Professional who wanted to migrate Aura Component into LWC Components

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