[Udemy] Learn Android App Development with Kotlin

[Udemy] Learn Android App Development with Kotlin
Table of Contents

Installing and Setting Up Tools


Kotlin _ Say Hello to Basics


App ( Tip Calculator ) + Android Basic Views


Kotlin _ Control Flow


Kotlin _ Functions


Kotlin _ Immutable and Mutable Collections + Loops


Kotlin _ Classes + Enums + Exception Handling


App ( English Stories ) + Activities + List View + Singleton Pattern


App ( My Notes ) + SQLite Database + Activity Life Cycle + Action Bar + ...


App ( Best Quotes ) + Recycler View +Card View + Intents + Guidelines + ...


App ( Animating a Spaceship + Best Quotes ) + Animation in Android + ...


Publishing Your App

About this course

Kotlin Android App Development with Android Q by building real apps. Beginner to advanced + Kotlin for Android


  • No, tools are free
  • The concepts start from scratch
  • All you need is a computer
  • You even don't need an Android device. Because in this course, you'll learn how to create emulators.


* In this course, you will learn how to write Android apps from scratch.

* No prerequisite is required.

The obvious point about this course is that it is exercise-based to make sure you will understand and use the course materials correctly.

* Also, we will use the latest version of Android Studio, because it has many changes in recent mouths.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who thinks about an Android application idea and eagers to turn it into a business
  • College students
  • Those who wants to learn the newest programming language (Kotlin)
  • Android developers that want to update their knowledge about Android SDK

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