[Udemy] Blender 2.8 The complete guide from beginner to pro

[Udemy] Blender 2.8 The complete guide from beginner to pro
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started with the Software


Chapter 2 Object Mode


Chapter 3 edit mode


Chapter 4 Modifiers


Chapter 5 Beziers Curves


Chapter 6 Render Engines in Blender


Chapter 7 Shaders and Node System

About this course

over the new version of Blender in this complete training from beginner to advanced


  • Good computer skills. The basics in 3d will be a plus but are not mandatory


This is a complete training dedicated to learning the Blender 2.8 software. Blender 2.8 and a free 3D software and opensource.

This complete training will allow beginners to discover the software entierely. Blender 2.7 users will find an opportunity to make the transition to the new version.

This training is divided into 15 chapters that will allow you to progressively and consistently learn. Most of the chapters are punctuated with exercises to review the features covered and implement them. The source files are included in the training and allow you to understand the progress of a project.

During the training we will produce in parallel a complete project to create a robot from modeling to animation, this project will allow you to apply the Blender functions learned in the course.

From discover ring the software, to polygonal modeling, object mode, edit mode, different rendering engines, scene lighting, realistic material creation, texturing, digital sculpture, animation, simulations, compositing, all these notions will be addressed in this training and will allow you to progress in the software.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested by Blender and open source. From the freelance graphic designer to the company wants to integrate open source.

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