[Udemy] Algorithmic Problems in Java (+INTERVIEW QUESTIONS)

[Udemy] Algorithmic Problems in Java (+INTERVIEW QUESTIONS)
Table of Contents





Selection Algorithms




Dynamic Programming


Other Algorithmic Problems


Common Interview Questions

About this course

Backtracking, dynamic programming, Sudoku, knapsack problem, binpacking, closest pair of points, recursion, monte carlo


  • Basic Java


This course is about the fundamental concepts of algorithmic problems, focusing on backtracking and dynamic programming. As far as I am concerned these techniques are very important nowadays, algorithms can be used (and have several applications) in several fields from software engineering to investment banking or R& D.

Section 1:

  • what are recursion and recursive methods

  • linear and binary search

  • tower of Hanoi problem

Section 2:

  • what are selection algorithms

  • quickselect algorithm

  • the secretary problem

Section 3:

  • what is backtracking

  • n-queens problem and Hamiltonian cycle problem

  • knight's tour problem

  • Sudoku game

Section 4:

  • what is dynamic programming

  • knapsack problem

  • coin change problem and rod cutting problem

Section 5:

  • bin packing problem

  • closest pair of points problem

Section 6:

  • top interview questions (Google, Facebook and Amazon)

The first chapter is about backtracking: we will talk about problems such as n-queens problem or hamiltonian cycles, coloring problem and Sudoku problem. In the second chapter we will talk about dynamic programming, theory then the concrete examples one by one: fibonacci sequence problem and knapsack problem.

In each section we will talk about the theoretical background for all of these algorithms then we are going to implement these problems together from scratch in Java.


Thanks for joining the course, let's get started!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for newbies who are not familiar with algorithmic problems in the main or students looking for some refresher

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