[Pluralsight] Creating Offline-first Mobile Apps with HTML5 - Pluralsight

[Pluralsight] Creating Offline-first Mobile Apps with HTML5 - Pluralsight
Table of Contents

Course Overview


Planning Offline Web Apps


Mobilizing the UI


Making It Available Offline


Making It Store Offline Data


Storing Images Offline


Online Saving


Making It Mobile

About this course

This course will teach you how to build offline-first mobile apps using HTML5, offline storage, and service workers. Learn to write real-world mobile web apps that are functional and performant even when internet connectivity is spotty or absent. In this course, Creating Offline-first Mobile Apps with HTML5, you'll explore tools and techniques that are currently available for making websites and web apps available. First, you'll explore how to design mobile apps for offline. Next, you'll discover how to convert a legacy web app to an offline mobile app. Then, you'll jump into using offline caching with service workers. Finally, you'll learn how to store data offline with indexedDB.

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