[Pluralsight] Automating AWS and vSphere with Terraform - Pluralsight

[Pluralsight] Automating AWS and vSphere with Terraform - Pluralsight
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Learn how to use Terraform with AWS and vSphere. Starting with an overview of Terraform, you'll learn about where and how Terraform can be used, how to code in Terraform, and more. Terraform is an exciting tool that allows you to quickly automate and spin up entire environments easily. The tool continues to gain traction in the community, particular in the Public Cloud space as developers can not only deploy workloads, but update the state of the entire stack. This course, Automating AWS and vSphere with Terraform, will teach how you can use Terraform to create automated deployments of resources in AWS and vSphere. First, you will learn how to install Terraform, configure Terraform providers, as well as how to deploy specific resource constructs into each of those providers. Next, you will learn how to code in the Terraform language and look at Local and Remote Provisioners. By the end of this course, you will have a fundamental understanding of Terraform which you can build upon in the Public Cloud or Private Data Center.

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